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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  January 14, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> robber prominent city neighborhood. what he made the victim do. disaster in haiti. help from maryland now headed for the site of the earthquake. >> close to the 50's. when that will happen and when we could get some snow again in my sky watch forecast. looking like a fool with the pants ♪ . >> contestant on "american >> contestant on "american idol"who stole the show >> hello. >> baltimore city police say they have found the man responsible for the abduction and robbery of man in north baltimore. >> it's a crime that has residents in the girl ford
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neighborhood on edge. we are live with new information on the police investigation. keith? >>reporter: well the abduction and armed robbery have shaken the people who live in this up scale neighborhood. it prompted community leaders to call an emergency meeting tonight with police. now investigators say the abduction happened at about 10:30 tuesday morning. the suspect approached the man in front of the home here in the 400 block of rent ton place. armed robbers forced the man in the trunk of his own car. took the keys and the victim atm card. the suspect drove the 4 different atm location including the machine in the 5200 block of york road. suspect emptying the account before abandoning him in deserted area of the city. now neighbors say the armed abduction is the latest recent robbery in the area including a woman mugged in her front yard and tonight neighbors say enough is
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enough. >> i can't let my kids come out here and ride their bike or have their babysitter take them for a walk. you know. we have a big dog. we walk our dog all the time. i have had my arm themselves with mace or then iron to walk the dog. >> the community meeting happened here tonight at 7:00 o'clock. this is councilwoman mary clark district and calls the situation quota frightening that must be resolved. we are live fox free for all friday news at 5:30. baltimore police officer remains locked up tonight accused of violently attacking a woman. 37-year-old simpson who is also an iraqi war veteran is charged with first degree rape according to charging documents he held a gun to the victim head during the attack. police say the incident happened more than three months ago.
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>> there was for whatever reason some reluctance on the part of the victim to come forward but as soon as we were made aware we started going all the things we were supposed to do and should do. >>reporter: he has been on the force for nine years and suspended tonight without pay. baltimore county police arrest this man 37-year-old dennis mclaughlin accused of pretending he was a cop and sexually assault ago woman in towns end. registered child sex offender and police believe there may be other victims. anyone who thinks they were a victim is asked to call police at this number on the screen. baltimore city future mayor stephanie rawlings blake announces key members of her transition team. they have been tapped for review different areas of city government including public safety. joy has that story. joy? >>reporter: one of the
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biggest problems the rawlings blake administration will face is the budget. doing more with less. as soon to be mayor she announced first members of the transition team. she again made a point of stressing the importance of public safety. if this group of individuals who will spend the next couple of weeks reviewing and evaluating how effective and efficient the city is operating. among firefighters there is a sense of fear. fire chief had spent the last few days going firehouse to firehouse talking about possible layoffs. because of a shrinking budget. we talked. >> zero. no lay off. that's one of our key focuses in the budget process. not laying anybody off. i certainly hope that's where we end up. >>reporter: but what he hopes for and what is realistic may be 2 different things. supposedly he told the firefighters 9 companies could
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be closed resulting in about 100 layoffs. this is fox free for all friday news at 5:30. thank you joy. that brings us now to our question of the day. have budget cuts put public safety at risk? good to our web site and tell us what you think. sound off through face book. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. text your answer to 45203 and enter fox 45 a for yes and b for no. response may air tonight at 10:00. . >> todays after 7 magnitude earthquake struck haiti the chaos continues. death toll believed to be in the tens of thousands. many survivors of tuesday quake are leaving in the streets of port-au-prince. capitol is destroyed. power and communication is down. tens of thousands homeless. aid has begun pouring into the country through port-au-prince airport. officials have not yet begun distributing it.
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>> we have 82nd airborne on the way. we have 2000 marines there. we have our search and rescue teams that are beginning the very labor process for looking for survivors in all of this debris. >>reporter: president obama has asked former president george w. bush and bill clinton to join several european countries in raising money for relief efforts. know we will not rest until we account for our fellow americans in harm's way. even as we move as quickly as possible it will take hours and many cases days to get all of our people and row sources on the ground. president obama announced today the u.s. is pledging 100 million dollars for haiti relief effort. mean team the u.s. senate is prepping to tour haiti. the vessel leaving baltimore port on saturday. karen live in camden on this angle of the story.
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>> hello. members on board the ship are no strange tore devastation. they were just in haiti last april for 4 months mission responded to hurricane katrina as well as to the september 11 attack. so it is no surprise that this big wide hospital ship will be heading to haiti this weekend. the navy is staffing the nearly 900 foot ship with 550 doctors, nurses and tech negligences from the national naval medical center in be these today. there are 12 operating rooms and space for 1,000 hospital beds. navy officials say this is the biggest mess in the ship's history and one of the hardest and most difficult to deal with. >> it is overwhelming. which is why we would like to get there. never get used to this. i have been in the navy 22 years. on a lot of missions. but it's hard to sit here seeing what is going on and we are not there yet.
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e-the ship is scheduled to leave this saturday and arrive late thursday. reporting live here in canton, news at 5:30. thank you very much karen. u.s. state department has help lean for americans looking for information about family members in haiti. the number to call is on the screen. our coverage of the devastating earthquake in haiti will 10 later tonight on fox 45 news at 10. >> baltimore county cop is hurt in early morning crash at 7 this morning at randall's town. cruiser collided with another vehicle. the officer was on duty at the time. no word on exact lehow it happened. the cop was taken to shock trauma with head and knee injuries but is expected to be okay. fire officials spent the morning battling a huge tanker truck that caught on fire on montgomery county highway. traffic on 2 70 was backed up
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as fire crew worked the scene. not clear how the fire started. no one was hurt. >> how are the loads looking tonight. lauren has the traffic edge report. hi lauren. >>reporter: hi jeff. we have several accidents working but first let's look at the speeds. we look at very slow 17 miles per hour in the northeast odor door of 95. much better 54 miles per hour on the jfx northbound up towards baltimore couldn't but we are down to 38 miles per hour on the west side of belt way. do expect heavy delay out of howard county due to earlier accident. on the westbound lanes of route 40 at centennial lane and traveling along the east bound lanes of 70, not much relief in store as you approach the belt way. now as we look live at the belt way at liberty road you will see cars are just stacked and packed along the inner loop and outer loop lanes. now if using the harbor tunnel tonight not much relief in store. heavy ride along the tube and make our way up to the northeast corridor of 95 expect a slow go from white marsh up to harper county.
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once you let harper county watch out for some debris in the roadway on 95 right at route 24. that's the evening travels. now back to you. thank you lauren. warmer weather to end the week and some wet weather to talk about this weekend. >> vytas will be joining us with the sky watch forecast coming up next. i think that when we play the colts and we look at those colors and that logo. >>reporter: the ravens colts rivalry. the memory from 83 still stings today. how it is affecting fans for the upcoming play off match up. how hilarious. >> kara loved larry. we all did. hear how much better
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>> health reform of course will affect each and everyone of us but the future of the legislation is now in the hands of a select few. and what they are doing is anyone's guess. breaking from
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a 200 year tradition democrats are not allowing republicans to participate in crafting the final legislation. all negotiations are being done currently behind closed doors by a few select lawmakers. >> after called in, why because steroids and no transparency. >> this is no walk in the park. this is bare knuckle policy and politics. to get this accomplished. >>reporter: now the non-partisan network c-span offered to broadcast the meetings. so far that has not happened. learn more about health care reform simply by logging on to our web site and clicking on secure for health care icon. welcome any baltimore football fans. saturday game against the colts will bring back a lot of bad memory. >> game puts baltimore current
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team of course on the very same field as the one that skipped town in the may flower moving trucks back in 1983. at the museum downtown they have all the best baltimore colts memorabilia. currently on display including the superbowl trophy from 1971. >> i think that when we play the colts and we look at those colors and that logo it brings back the memories that we got angry over. but this year for some reason we'll put that to rest. not as big a deal any more. not a big deal at all. i just want the ravens to we know. >>reporter: in one more raven colt deal the museum has long team baltimore kicker mat's cleat on display. he now kicks for the indianapolis colts. >> baltimore county firefighters go on ravens decorating frenzy. members of the department joined in the county raven door decorating contest. turns the third
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floor of the public safety building into a football field. pretty impressive. we want you to share your personal pride with all of baltimore. fan picture and video to fox slash purple pride. also send them directly from the cell phone purple at fox and own christopher is in indianapolis. already in foxboro is bruce. when the ravens take on the colts in indianapolis in indiana folks. live report tomorrow and saturday on fox 45 news at 5:30. and 10. went back in time here just for a minute. >> that is old news >> goodbye tom. >> almost warm out there. >> almost spring. vytas is back to bring us back down to earth with probably colder temperatures eventually right. >>reporter: yes. down the road but actually jennifer the good news is that we'll continue to see warmer temperatures building in as we get through tomorrow. if you like today then you are going
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to love tomorrow. talking about clear skies out there today as we scan the skies on hd radar not much activity going on. the temperatures still holding 46 degrees in baltimore right now. down in dc 48 degrees. 48 in hagerstown. only 34 in oak land. that's the cooler spot in the state but now it looks we'll hold on to the milder flow from the south west way the winds are coming from, from the south. pretty much throughout the day today and that will be the case tomorrow but expect to see the temperatures in the mid upper 40's brushing 50 degrees tomorrow. so it will feel even better out there as we get through the afternoon hours. tonight temperatures will fall again down to 28 degrees. looking at that south west wednesday at 5. i have closer look at the weekend outlook and looks like the storm is going to be more of a rain maker than snow maker. tell you more about that in detail in the 7 day coming up. this guy is the talk of the planet. the 62-year-old
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>> "american idol"audition everybody is talking about. ♪ ♪ pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on
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the ground ♪ . >>reporter: general larry plat sang original tune during the try outs in atlanta last night. did the entire song and ended up dancing on the floor. we talked to kara about general plat's performance. >> i think that guy was so cute. i don't think he liked the whole movement of your pants kind of hanging off you which is never my problem. mean are always like too tight in that area. you know. i don't have that -- but how hi larry us was he. >>reporter: general plat could not qualify for the competition. he's 62. age limit for "american idol"is 28. but look for pants on the ground go straight to no. 1. "american idol"continues next week contestant in chicago and orlando, florida audition for the judges. watch tuesday and wednesday neat at 8:00 p.m. of course right here on fox 45. golden globe singing praises for the fox musical
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sitcom glee. ♪ glee leaves the award show with 4 nomination. up for best musical or comedy series. 3 of the stars nominated as well. >> so the fact that people really love this and are as thrilled about it as we are is fantastic. it's all about the music. music is a great equalizer. people come together in a room to sing together and doesn't matter if you are a cheer leader or football player or geek. >>reporter: glee kicks off on april 13. the ravens go from facing one future hall of famed quarterback in brady last week to facing another in manning this week. details coming up next in sports.
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham. good news. maybe. from the ravens injury report. left tackle jerrad who missed yesterday practice with an ankle injury was out there moving slow but he was practicing and that's an incourageing sign. now the other side of the football putting in some time in the old tape room. going from the frying pan into the fire. last week tom brady this week payton manning. but against the patriots last sunday they forced 4 turn over by tom. that's very high' means very little this saturday night. >> totally different quarterback. payton -- brady controls the offense. totally different than petition on does. even the way he studies. you have to study payton and last week was last week and. >> payton causes a lot of problems. he's a good actor. we all know that. saw him on a ping kong commercial. but
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you have to play ball. he pose as lot of problems. just got to play. >> offenses just one big monster. hard to describe or separate each part. like the whole line led by saturday is really good and payton really good and receivers really good but all of them as individuals are not as good as they are together. kind of a well oiled machine and makes it really difficult. >>reporter: meanwhile if all this seems familiar it should. think back to last year. ravens best east champion and advance to match up on the road with the afc top seed. that's the exact situation they find themselves in right now. last year was just that. last year. it has little if anything to do with the current situation. pichlt it is good that we have been in this is he before but every game is different. every year is different. every team is different and every situation is different. you approach it as you find it that week. >>reporter: kristen is on her way to indianapolis as speak.
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she will have much more on saturday play off games including a one-on-one interview with center mat burg coming up tonight on sports unlimited. >> thanks bruce. >> check back with vytas for another look at the weather. vytas? >>reporter: yes jennifer and jeff. looks like we are seeing mainly mostly clear conditions out there. few high then clouds after fabulous day with mild, cool temperatures. still cool but mild felt pretty good. looking at the ac sky cam downtown not a lot of activity going on. sitting at 43 degrees. mainly clear. wednesday right now out of the south east at 5 and humidity levels pretty low at 39 percent so feels pretty comfortable. that will be the case through the overnight. in fact, almanacs page tells us how warm it gets out there. 49 degrees and start out cool at 21 so through the midmorning afternoon warms nicely and continue the trend as we go through the day tomorrow as well. high normally this time of year should be right at 41 degrees so we are above that and stay on that track down the road. looking at 46 currently in
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baltimore. 48 in hagerstown. drop down current information coming in 44 in hagerstown. for example in baltimore. and looks like we continue to see some clearing through the over neat which is nice. in fact looking at the timing of what is going to be going on staying dry as we get down the road on the future scan leading us into the weekend and until we get to sunday. 7 day forecast shows 50 degrees tomorrow sun clouds 45 on saturday with sun clouds then by sunday that snow i don't think is a factor. it's all rain now because it is going to be too warm for the form of flakes. a heavy rain day on sunday and monday tuesday wednesday and now back to you. >> thanks vytas screw that's all for fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thanks so much for joining us. please join us again for fox 45 news at 10:00 and late fox 45 news at 10:00 and late edition at 11:00


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